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Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) includes any electronic device with a battery or an electrical cord.

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A & B Multiservices LLC
A & B Recycling, Inc. (Ringgold,GA)
AB Trading Compay
Advanced Research LLC
After Hour Network Pro
Allegiance Enterprises Inc
Allied Ecovery Inc.
Ameritum Inc
Ask USA Inc.
Asset Recycling & Recovery, LLC
Atlantix Global Systems
B-Love Electronics Recycling
Bauer Services, Inc
BCN Recycling Inc.
Biddle Scrap Recycling
Capital Trading Company (GA)
Cautela LLC
CHR International
CompuPoint USA LLC
Computer Exchange Ltd.
Comtiks Trading
Data Instruments
Data Tech Computer Services Incorporated
Deal Flow Networks
DMS Technology Incorporated (GA)
DMS Technology, Inc.
E Cyclegreen LLC
E-Quest Solutions, Llc
Ecycle, LLC
Electronic Recycling Services LLC (GA)
Full Circle Recycling
Global Assets Management Inc.
Global Commerce
Globix LLC
Globix LLC
Globix LLC
Golden Brick Metro
Great Lakes Electronics Corporation (Atlanta, GA)
Hans Multimedia
Herron Business Technologies
HK Computers
HS Tech
I & E International inc
IFA Incorporated
Impulse Technology
Jacob's Wells, Inc (GA)
Komputek Trading Inc

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